Boney M.

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الأغاني الأكثر شعبية

ال10 أغاني الأكثر شعبية ل Boney M. في آخر 40 حفلة موسيقية. New to Boney M.? Listen to the best songs first ()

قائمة الأغاني حسب المطرب

الأغاني التي تم بثها مباشر في الألبومات الغنائية:

قائمة الأغاني القادمة

Boney M. سيكون على خشبة المسرح في حوالي 1:00. وهنا قائمة الأغاني الأكثر شعبية حسب الحفلات السابقة (86% probability):

اسم الأغنية
  1. Take The Heat Off Me cover Sunny
  2. Take The Heat Off Me cover Daddy Cool
  3. no cover Hooray! Hooray! It's a Holi-Holiday (Harry C. Browne cover)
  4. Zieh mich aus cover Belfast (Gilla cover)
  5. Love For Sale cover Ma Baker
  6. no cover Malaika Nakupenda (Lukas Tututu cover)
  7. Live! cover No Woman, No Cry (Bob Marley & The Wailers cover)
  8. Master Stickfighter In New York! cover Brown Girl in the Ring (Lord Invader cover)
  9. Daddy Cool cover Rasputin
  10. The Harder They Come cover Rivers of Babylon (The Melodians cover)

Boney M. Tour Map 2020

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فنانون متشابهون

  1. D.I.S.C.O.
  2. Hands Up
  3. Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart)
Ottawan Photo


  1. Brother Louie
  2. Cheri Cheri Lady
  3. You're My Heart, You're My Soul
Modern Talking Photo

Modern Talking

  1. One Way Ticket
  2. I Can't Stand the Rain
  3. Go Johnny Go
Eruption Photo


  1. Sun Of Jamaica
  2. Seven Tears
  3. Christmas At Sea
Goombay Dance Band Photo

Goombay Dance Band

  1. Yes Sir, I Can Boogie
  2. Yes Sir I Can Boogie
  3. Sorry, I'm a Lady
Baccara Photo


  1. Moskau
  2. Dschinghis Khan
  3. Samurai
Dschinghis Khan Photo

Dschinghis Khan

  1. You're A Woman
  2. Pretty Young Girl
  3. Come Back And Stay
Bad Boys Blue Photo

Bad Boys Blue

  1. My Bed Is Too Big
  2. Magic Symphony
  3. Love Me On The Rocks
Blue System Photo

Blue System

  1. For Your Love
  2. We Are The Popkings
  3. Simply A Love Song
Chilly Photo


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