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الأغاني الأكثر شعبية

ال10 أغاني الأكثر شعبية ل Brett Newski في آخر 40 حفلة موسيقية.

قائمة الأغاني حسب المطرب

الأغاني التي تم بثها مباشر في الألبومات الغنائية:

قائمة الأغاني القادمة

Brett Newski سيكون على خشبة المسرح في حوالي 1:28. وهنا قائمة الأغاني الأكثر شعبية حسب الحفلات السابقة (6% probability):

اسم الأغنية
  1. no cover My Blood's Gettin' Dirty and My Skin's Wearin' Thin
  2. Life Upside Down cover Sucker Punch!
  3. Dirt cover Dirt
  4. no cover vs. the World
  5. American Folk Armageddon cover Sooner Than Now
  6. In Between Exits cover Wet Pavement
  7. American Folk Armageddon cover We Are All Fucked
  8. Encore #1

  9. Hi-fi D.i.y. Ep cover This Will Destroy Me
  10. Hi-Fi D.I.Y. cover Move to Berlin
  11. Violent Femmes cover Add It Up (Violent Femmes cover)
  12. no cover Whiskey and Blow
  13. no cover Hell Will Be Better (If We're in It Together)
  14. Land Air Sea Garage cover D.I.Y.
  15. American Folk Armageddon cover The Maths
  16. Encore #2

  17. In Between Exits cover In Between Exits

Brett Newski Tour Map 2022

Follow Brett Newski around the world and explore the places where you can catch Brett Newski on tour.
15 Upcoming concerts, in the following countries: هولندا, الولايات المتحدة, النمسا, ألمانيا, etc.

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فنانون متشابهون

  1. Twenty Odd Years
  2. I Am a Rider
  3. Keep Me in Your Heart
Trapper Schoepp Photo

Trapper Schoepp

  1. I Wanna Be A Dawg
  2. Lost At Sea
  3. East Virginia Blues
Dawg Yawp Photo

Dawg Yawp

  1. Salinger Is Dead
  2. Cruellest Month
  3. Robin Hoods Rise
East Cameron Folkcore Photo

East Cameron Folkcore

  1. Don't Really Know What to Say
  2. Dime in My Pocket
  3. Oak Tree
Desert Noises Photo

Desert Noises

  1. Mont Blanc
  2. Medicine
  3. Pressure
Quiet Hollers Photo

Quiet Hollers

  1. In the Best Case Scenario We'd Die at the Same Time
  2. Sexier
  3. Either Slugs Are Getting Faster or My Brain is Getting Slower (Welcome to Planet Earth)
My Name Is Ian Photo

My Name Is Ian

  1. Way Home
  2. Way Down South
  3. England
The Young Folk Photo

The Young Folk

  1. Silver Bells
  2. Stick Together
  3. You Are the One
John Mark Nelson Photo

John Mark Nelson

  1. The Gambler
  2. Jangwar
  3. Stay
Impala Ray Photo

Impala Ray

  1. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
  2. Santa, My First Love
  3. Marbles
Swear and Shake Photo

Swear and Shake

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